I was sexually assaulted by Willy Paul:Ivy Wanjiku a K.U student tells media.

Ivy Wanjiku a Kenyatta university one of Willy Pauls’s video vixen tells the media that Willy Pauls sexually assaulted her last week Friday at his consult, she says she only needs just to be done for.

The third-year students claim she has been very good to work With Willy Paul despite her being underpaid she has never complained.

She continues to narrate that willy Paul started developing an interest in her since   January this year but I didn’t have any interest in him but only as her best video vixen.

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Last week she called me that she wanted to correct my mistakes from the crew but we were supposed to meet at his place. Everthing went well until when he started to touch my breast.

I refused and stood up, he slapped me and pulled me undressed me and even fucked me, now I have not seen my periods and he is not picking up my calls.

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I need justice, please help me.


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