MTN New Kpalasa Offer – Get 100% Data Bonus for 3Months

MTN Differentiated Kpalasa Offer is a new offer from MTN that offers 50% to 100% data bonus to users with new 3G/4G smartphones on all data they purchase in the next 3 – 6 months depending on the type of phone you purchase.
This offer is available to all 3G/4G Phones; Provided that:
1. MTN sim hasn’t been used on the device before.
2. USIM and 3G sim that hasn’t enjoyed the offer for the past 12months.
Kindly note that only 3G/4G devices that have Special Partnership with MTN will be able to enjoy the offer for 6months.

How to Qualify for the MTN Kpalasa Offer

√ Simply insert your registered MTN sim into your 3G/4G phone.
√ Then, wait for a confirmation SMS from MTN confirming you’ve received the data offer.
√ Dial *131*1# and purchase any data of your choice and enjoy your 100% data bonus.
• Check your data balance by dialing *131*4# or SMS 2 to 131.
However, if your phone is a dual sim, you can still enjoy the offer on the phone if both ports are 3G or 4G enabled, aside from that it would work for just one sim [Not available for 2G].


Q1. What kind of phone kind i get the offer for 6months?
Ans: Only those 3G/4G smartphones that have special partnership with MTN can enjoy the offer for 6month.
Q2. What devices are classified as new on MTN network.
Ans: 3G/4G devices that has never been used on the mtn network.
Q3. How long can i keep enjoying the Differentiated Kpalasa Bonus on my device?
Ans: you will enjoy the offer in the below category.
4G Devices: (Standard Offer)
4G Devices: (Special Partnerships)
3G Devices: (Standard Offer)
3G Devices: (Special Partnerships)
Q4. Will i be able to enjoy Kpalasa Phone (20%) offer and Differentiated Kpalasa Offer?
Ans: NO, you will only be able to enjoy the Differentiated Kpalasa Offer.
Q5. I have a smartphone used on another sim, can i still enjoy the offer?
Ans: All smartphones that have not been used on the MTN network will enjoy the offer.
Simply insert a registered MTN Sim into The device


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